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April 24 2016


Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War Tips, Tricks and Unlockables

Choose those attributes that are in their first and second level as it will take lesser time than upgrading a third-level attribute. You may also think of increasing the fire rate. Dont use premium currency to speedup upgrades if only a few seconds or minutes are required to upgrade them.

6. Lower Graphics Settings to Improve Performance

You can tweak graphics settings if you experience lags and stutters. Another benefit of lowering visual settings is that it helps you move quicker using the V-pad and shoot at enemies at a much faster rate.

Tap on the gear icon at the top-left corner of the screen, just above the Events. Select Audio and Graphics and tap on the Better http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AiPhone Performance button if you prefer smooth movement, fire rate and good response time over better graphics.

Each mission has a weapon and power requirement, which is shown on the right side of the game screen. For example the LHirondelle mission requires a sniper rifle with 300 Power. To increase weapon power, tap on upgrade. Check the More Power Needed box to find out how many power points are required to fulfill mission condition. Next, tap on attributes like Stability, Suppression, Fire Rate and Reload Speed to upgrade them.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War has short campaign missions. However, several of them arent easy to finish. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will be able to make the most of your squad members special abilities, kill multiple enemies, earn free dog tags and get more headshots.

Your enemy will take some time before throwing a grenade Molotov cocktail at you. Take advantage of this slight delay by firing rapidly at him. Keep an eye on the timer with a grenade/Molotov symbol above an enemy. He will throw an explosive at you when the timer goes off. If you succeed in killing him before the timer goes off, the unused grenade or Molotov will blow up in his hand, instantly killing nearby enemies.

While upgrading weapon attributes, choose the attribute that requires fewer dog tags and lesser time to upgrade. There are three upgrade levels per attribute. Upgrading a weapon attribute will take more time if its in the third level.

Destroy mines by aiming and shooting at them. They can be found everywhere, in front of the cover or in areas where there is less enemy movement. Make sure your character is at a safe distance before destroying mines. There may be other explosive stuff close to them, so make sure you hit the mines from a safe distance. With enemies nearby, shooting at mines kills them at once.

You will also earn extra dog tags scattered throughout a mission. Getting headshots will earn you 10 dog tags. Unlocking achievements is also another way of earning rewards. When an achievement gets unlocked, go to the Achievements page to claim dog tags.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is the third game of the WWII-themed mobile third-person shooter series developed by Gameloft. Gameplay is nothing close to what was offered by its PC counterparts, but theres still a lot of juice content-wise. There are story missions, commando missions, special events and raid missions to keep you busy for hours.

One of the key gameplay features of Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is squad-based action. Using a special ability of a Brother gives you a tactical advantage over your enemy. You can use a team mates ability to call an airstrike, snipe down enemies from a distance, fire a rocket, deploy land mines, target enemies with mortar fire and suppress attacks for a few seconds.

BIA 3 introduces squad-based combat, but the gameplay mechanics is hardly similar to its PC counterparts, where you could get an eagle-eye view of the situation in hand, tactically position team-mates behind cover and then command your squad members to suppress fire or take down enemies from a distance. Here, you will use a teammates special abilities to gain a tactical advantage over enemies. No changes have been made to the cover-based third-person shooting mechanics in this game.

Keep an eye on explosives while firing at enemies. Shoot at red barrels to take down multiple enemies at once. When you spot a tank, look for barrels nearby and shoot at them to destroy tanks.

8. Pay Attention to Mission Objectives

Earn up to 3 stars in every mission by completing objectives. You will earn the first star automatically after finishing a mission, but may need to work harder to complete the second and third objectives. You get bonus dog tags and other rewards upon completing all three objectives.

Use a team members special abilities when you are surrounded by enemies. Upgrade your team members cool down attribute to minimize the delay he will take to recharge his special ability. The table below highlights each team members special ability, and attributes:

Aim for an enemys head and shoot to get a headshot. Headshot kills can earn you 10 XP. You get 2 XP for plain kills. Moving the crosshair slightly above an enemys neck will snap it to his head, making it easier for you to get headshots.

You can also improve movement by tapping on Controls and adjusting Sensitivity. You may also change the control scheme to your comfort.

Got killed by a German rifleman or sniper? No worries? Play the mission again and the game will give you a chance to How-to Jailbreak return the favor. The enemy soldier who killed you in the previous session will appear any time during the replay mission, with his name flashing above his head. Killing him unlocks Payback, which gives you bonus dog tags.

Each team member has his own unique ability. The special abilities can be upgraded to improve damage, cooldown time, HP, stun duration, healing time and other attributes.

Helmet-wearing enemies wont be killed instantly. You will need to shoot twice to fire a bullet into a helmet-wearing enemys head. You can get quick and accurate headshots with your rifle if you upgrade stability and reload speeds in the Weapon Upgrade page.

If you cannot kill him, just move back to avoid getting hit http://tinyurl.com/gujvjgq by a timed explosive. Make sure you press the down V-pad button to move back quickly to a safe position to avoid catching fire from a Molotov cocktail or taking damage from a grenade blast.

Second and third objectives may change from one mission to another. Some objectives will require you to get 2 explosive kills, double kills, triple kills or headshots. Objectives will also ask you to maintain over 50% HP throughout a mission.

Dont have enough dog tags to upgrade weapons or team members? Play Raid missions or events to earn them. Your guns power requirement for such missions will be usually lower than the requirements in the main missions. Complete these missions to earn bonus dog tags and XP. You can also replay previous missions to earn additional XP and dog tags. Previous missions would be harder to complete as the enemies are tougher than they were in the first try.

April 22 2016


Orange Iphone Unlock Application

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Since iphones are extremely modern gadgets, they need to be unlocked only by pros who are accredited to get it done. You will find individual specifications for individual cell phones which needs must be ordered online. Within your budget it makes use of your card. Any long term Unlock iPhone choice that is most certainly getting recognition nowadays is picking out a web site to do the Unlock iPhone choice for people. It's not confusing the outlet procedure however it will to become simple to do it by yourself. Consequently, you need to go for an expert within the topic in order that it is going to be done the right way.

Unlock Any Iphone:

iPhones are utilized by many people buyers and therefore are employed for a lot of things apart from sales and marketing communications. Increasingly more applications you can use together are coming into day to day living and therefore are used by lots of consumers for his or her individual needs. These apps could be designed to cope with the person needs of individuals as well.

Orange iPhone unlock Software programs are Shown to be the simplest and http://www.amazon.co.uk/iphone/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aiphone safest click here to jailbreak your iphone Software currently available. Iphone Unlocking is straightforward and guidelines are given within the webpage.


Brazil plans giveaway of 3 million free condoms for Carnival revelers

Story highlightsRio de Janeiro state officials are giving away 3 million free condomsHealth minister: this year's public health campaign targets young gay men"A new generation...(is) less sensitive to the risks of HIV infection," he saysOfficials plan to hand out bags to carry condoms and paper fans with catchy slogans

Revelers in Brazil's most famous city will enjoy more than just sun, live music and dancing when Carinval festivities start this week. Rio de Janeiro state officials are also giving away 3 million free condoms.

The new government initiative aims to stop the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases during the five-day event, the state health department said.

This year's campaign targets gay men between the ages of 19 and 24, Brazilian Health Minister Alexandre Padilha said, according to state-run Agencia Brasil.

"There is a new generation that has not had the experience of seeing idols who fought at the beginning of the AIDS (epidemic) and who died, and therefore (they) are less sensitive to the risks of HIV infection," Padilha said, referring to two Brazilian rock stars who died of AIDS in the 1990s.

In addition to condoms, health officials also plan to hand out 330,000 paper fans with catchy slogans against STDs, 55,000 small bags party-goers can use to carry condoms and more than 160,000 informational pamphlets to crowds at samba dance performances and block parties during the legendary annual celebration.

Other major cities in the country will have similar programs, according to Agencia Brasil. Sao Paulo, Salvador and Florianopolis have entered into partnerships with block parties and artists.

Tents also will be set up throughout the cities to perform rapid testing for HIV and hepatitis.

Despite widespread awareness of condoms, 40% of young people in Brazil do not use condoms in all sexual relations, according to the health department.

April 21 2016


Bowling Terms

A ten-pin bowling, more popularly known as bowling, is a competitive sport. The game involves bowlers to roll a bowling ball down a wooden lane. At the end of the lane are 10 pins, lined in a triangular shape, some lined behind each other, which need to be knocked down. The player scores according to the number of pins that are knocked out of the way. There are 10 frames, and each player gets two turns per frame to clear all the pins.

Bowling Terminologies and Definitions


A bowler's initial position.


Surface of the lanes which is made of maple, pine, or urethane boards.

All the Way

Finishing a game with only strikes.


The last participant to bowl in a team competition.


The direction taken by the ball while traveling into the 13 pocket for right hand bowlers, 12 for left hand bowlers.


Portion of the lane (path) from the back of the ball return area to the foul line.


The entire arm movement, from the arc of your bowling arm (right or left) and hand from the initial move toward the line till the ball is released over that line.

Baby Ball

Throwing or releasing the ball too delicately or carefully.

Back Ends

The final 6 feet of the lane.


A ball that falls to the right side for right-handed bowlers and left side for left-handed bowlers.


Interfering to stop or mess up some other bowler's normal actions.

Ball Rack

The rack used to store balls or where the balls returns and rests before a turn.

Ball Return

Path between the lanes where the ball rolls on when it's returning to the rack.


A weak hit on the headpin.


A 710 split.

Belly the Ball

Increasing the width of a hook from the inside of a starting point.

Bench Work

Conversation or actions intended to disturb an opponent.


Hook or twist shot that comes really close to the channel just before breaking into the pocket.

Big Fill

9 or 10 pins on a spare, or double on a strike.

Big Five

Spare of 3 on one side and 2 on the other side.


Score allowed for a missing member.


A missed spare.

Blow a Rack

A successful strikeBlowoutKnocking down all the pins but one.


A single frame.


A lucky shot.


4-pin diamond on the sides or the center of the lane.


3 open frames available in a row, for one participant.


Power of the ball to knock down pins.

Chicken Wing

When any bowler's elbow gets out from his body while performing a swing.


Failing to achieve target.


Chopping the front pin of a spare while a pin behind/left/right remains.


An insistence (pressured) situation.

Come Up

Hook in the pocket caused by a spin on the axis.


Knocking down all the pins that were left behind with your second ball.


A strike made by leaving out the head pin.


Missing in a final frame when a spare could win.


Ball that travels from right to left.


A hook that slices the pins down.


The ball when it makes contact with pins and then angles aside to the right or left.


Preparation, Release and Follow-through.


A 200 average.


A ball that hooks itself at the last moment.


Two strikes made in a row.

Double Wood

When 1 pin is directly behind the other pin.

Dump the Ball

Releasing the ball without bending your knee.

Dutch 200

A 200 game scored interchanging strikes and spares.

Early Foundation

A strike made in the 8th frame.

Early Timing

Leaving the ball before the bent, sliding foot completes its slide.


Acronym for "Even Full Rollers Are Hooking"; lanes are very dry.

Entry Angle

The angle relative to the pocket (the ball enters the pocket). If the angle is increased, the strike will also increase.


A missed spare.

Extra Frame

The bonus for participant for filling the 10th frame.

Fence Posts

A 710 split.

Fit split

A split where it is possible for the ball to hit both pins simultaneously.


5 strikes in a row.

Flat ball

Fruitless ball.


The motion after release.


Touching or going outside the foul line.

Foul Line

The mark that decides the origin of the lane.


A strike in the 9th frame.


The friction caused between the lane and the ball.

Grandma's Teeth

An alignment of pins left standing.


Low score lanes.


Drop offs about 10 inches wide to the right/left of the lane to lead the ball to the pit.

Gutter Ball

A ball that goes into the gutter.

Half Hit

Difference between a full and light hit.


Pins presented to weak participants or teams in an effort to make the game even.

Head Pin

Front pin of a rack.


More to the left or right.

Home Alley

Favorite lane for participants or teams.


A good ball.


A ball that travels to the left or right.

House Ball

Bowling balls provided by the alley.


Oily or heavily conditioned lane as the ball keeps skidding.

In "There"

A good pocket hit.

In the Grove

Properly lined up, zoned, or automatic bowling.


A starting point near the center of the lane.

In Time

Releasing the ball and landing on the foul line with the sliding foot at the same time.


Force the ball high inside the pocket.

Jersey Side/Hit

A ball that hits on the other side of the participant's normal pocket.


High rotation or powerful delivery.

Junk Ball

Low rotation or less powered delivery.


A bowler.


Smooth ball delivery.


The headpin or the number 5 pin.


Money from team members for misses, and other set fines.

Late 10

When the 10 pin pauses and is the last to go down on a strike.

Leadoff Man

First man to bowl in a team game.

Light Seven

A hit excessively light on both sides of the head pin.


The route a bowling ball takes.


Throwing the ball onto the lane rather than revolving it.


Very heavy pins mainly utilized for practice.


An extra-wide hook ball.

Loose Hit

A light pocket hit.

Love Tap

A tap from a moving pin which knocks it down.

Match Play

A component of the tournament where participants are matched against each other.


A pin that comes across the lane after all the others have fallen down.


A missed spare.


A ball that makes the pins to rebound around.


A nickname for the gutter.

Move In

To start from the center of the approach.

Move Out

To start from a corner position on the approach.

Naked Spare

A single spare pin.

Negative Weight

The weight on a ball which tends to hold back the hook or rolls earlier than anticipated.

Never Up, Never In

An idea/philosophy which states that if a bowler wants to make a strike, he/she must first hit the headpin.

No Drive No Five

The expressions means that a bowler should take the 5-pin out on a pocket hit, as the ball travels through the deflection from the headpin to hit the 5-pin


The beak/center of the headpin.

Nose Hit

To hit the pins dead center.

Nothing Ball

A ball which accomplishes very little due to a poor hit.

On the Nose

To hit to the headpin in the center.

Open Bowling

Non-league plays for fun or practice opposite league nights.

Out of Bounds

Area on the lanes where a ball won't make it to the pocket.


Corner position of playing lanes.


To enforce too much spin to the ball.


A game score of 200.

Pinching the Ball

To clutch the ball too hard.

Pin deck

Area 60' from the foul line.


Space at end of lane where ball and pins end up.


Angle in which the holes of the bowling ball are drilled.


The parts of the lane from the very back of the ball return area up to the foul line.

Point Shot

Starting from the first arrow and throwing over first arrow.

Position Rounds

Parts of a league schedule which call for teams.

Pot Game

Competition in which two participants place a stake.


A strong ball that strikes.


A gutter ball.

Quality Shot

A shot where absolutely everything (approach, release, etc) come together at perfect timing with balance.

Quick Eight

A good pocket hit that knocks down 8 pins only, while leaving the 47 or 610 behind.


A wide open split.


When a single pin is left behind on a good hit.

Rat Club

A team that shoots low scores for one game.


The movement of hand as ball is rolled onto a lane.


Readjusting the pins.


The track which balls roll from pit to the rack.


The number of turns a ball takes when leaving from release to pins.


The spin to the ball at the time of delivery.


Starting area.


Competition in accordance with American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress rules.


A bowler who keeps his average down in order to receive a higher handicap.

Scenic Route

The path taken by a sharp curve ball.


The length you allow between your standing position and where you want the ball to go.

Shadow Ball

A ball rolled in practice without any pins set.


Rolling a ball from the hip.

Six Pack

6 strikes in a row.


The last step of delivery.

Snow Plow

A ball that knocks down all the pins.


All pins knocked down with two balls.

Spare Leave

Pins standing up after the first ball is rolled.


A light-hit strike.


A strike where the pins are knocked down rapidly.


An area of lane where maple and pine boards connect.


A spare leave in which the headpin is down.

Spot Bowling

Direct on lane at which the bowler can aim.


To get more pins than you merit on a strike.


All 10 pins get knocked down.

Strike Out

To get all 3 strikes in the 10th frame.


3 or more strikes in a row.


The arm and hand movement throughout the delivery over the foul line.


A bowling tournament.

Swiss Cheese Ball

A ball used in pro shops to build a bowler's finger size and span for drilling.


Two pins lined one behind the other.


When a pin remains standing up on a perfect strike.

Team Captain

A lead member creditworthy for all participants being present, arranging for a substitute participant, and influencing team lineup.

Three Hundred Game

A perfect game of 12 strikes in a row.

Three Quarter Bucket

Three of the four pins of the bucket.

Throwing Rocks

Squeezing up strikes with many speed balls.


When the 6-pin gently tips the 10-pin.


Most used area on lane.

Tripped 4

When the 2-pin takes out the 4-pin.


A strike where the pins seem to fall separately.


3 strikes in a row.

Umbrella Ball

A high hit which results in a perfect strike.


In a tournament, the number of pins each participant is scoring under a 200 average.

Up the Hill

When a ball productively travels over a high board.


Drilling a small hole into a bowling ball to relieve suction on the thumb hole.


A violation affecting second and third ball score.

Wall Shot

A particular strike which is light in the pocket where all the pins are deflected into the kickbacks. Later returning to the pin deck to knock down other pins.


A split made with the 7- or 10-pins.

Weak Hit

A flat hit which leaves one pin or a pocket split.


It's what you say when you lose the ball in your backswing.

Winding Them In

Throwing a big hook back to the pocket.


In the zone and consistent with high scores.

Wrist Master

One of the many accessories worn by bowlers to help keep a firm wrist during backswing.


Make a spare out of a split leave.

Wrap Around

A short where the 6-pin almost hits 10-pin, however spins around it and keeps it standing.


Symbol for strike.

XXX'ed Out

The action of completing the game with all the strikes from a given point in the game.

Yank the Shot

When a bowler clings onto the ball for too long.

Yellow Dot

Old polyester bowling ball made by Columbia which is famous for giving an excellent roll and hit.

Zero In

Find the perfect strike spot on a lane, usually after a bad hit.

Zone/In the

Lined up in the groove, powerful and consistent.


Symbol for a spare.


Effective Make Money Ideas You Need To Check Out Now

By: Jeff Schuman

Are you trying to find effective make money ideas that will help you achieve your dream to own a successful home business? There are many ideas that can be used to start a business of your own.

You just need to make sure that you locate the one that you will be happy to work on every day since this will make it much simpler for you to make money with it. Here are the ideas that you need to check into because they are the easiest and most effective ways to make money.

1. Network marketing - This is a very effective way to make money since you are going to do this with the help of a team. That means you will never be along building your business.

You will have the chance to be a leader and a successful business owner while also providing help for other people to make the same goal happen for them. That is a good feeling for any business owner, but it will also mean more success for you because when your team succeeds you will succeed even more.

2. Business opportunities - You can find a number of business opportunities in a variety of niches. It is a good idea to take time to learn what your different options are so you can locate one that you are going to enjoy building to earn money.

3. Affiliate marketing - There are thousands of affiliate programs online in a variety of niches also that you can promote. You want to start out promoting one or two and once you are earning money with it, you can add more to your business.

This is a good way to make money because you will be able to promote as many affiliate programs as you wish to with time to help you maximize the money you are going to be able to make.

4. Service business - There are many services that people are looking for someone to do for them online. If you know how to write or build a website, then you can easily begin a service business.

Just make sure that you take time to be sure your service idea is profitable for you and if you begin the correct business for you then you will easily make money with it.

These are the best and easiest make money ideas for anyone to use. You need to be the one that decides on the best one for you because no one knows you like you do yourself and this means you are the only one that can locate the way you will enjoy to make money with.

About the Author:

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Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com - Internet-and-Business-Online

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Post-sale iPhone unlocking available from Rogers

The unlock costs $50 plus tax. It's been noted that if a device is sent in for repair, it might be returned locked, and the procedure will need to be rerun.

While iPhones can be purchased unlocked, unlocking them after a purchase hasn't been somethng available (without jailbreaking). AT&T says they cannot unlock iPhones, even for their partners.

Fido user Argun Tekant told iPhone easy was to jailbreak your iphone in Canada of the process. He noted that Wind Mobile https://www.att.com/cellphones/iphone/iphone-6.html and AT&T SIMs worked http://tinyurl.com/gujvjgq immediately for him, but that an O2 SIM required a reboot of the iPhone.

In order to unlock their iPhone, Rogers has allowed customers get a carrier unlock by calling its help line and then contacting Apple. Once approved, the phone needs to be restored in iTunes to remove the lock.

Canadian carrier Rogers and its sub-brand Fido are apparently bringing back post-sale iPhone unlocking. The carriers are doing this as part of a "broader move that would let any subscriber out when out of contract."

April 20 2016


Home Business :: What is Crashpadder? Learn more about homestay... (Page 1 of 2)

Crashpadder.com is a win-win kind of a place where:

Travellers can find cheap, comfortable accommodation in someone's home Hosts can earn a little extra cash by conveniently renting out their excess space So.. How does it work!?


Step 1: If you have any spare rooms in your place (bedroom, sofa bed, futon, couch etc) you can list it on Crashpadder.com along with information, pictures and a price which you choose. Finally you decide whether you'd like crashpadder to collect money for you, or if you would prefer cash on arrival. You have then become a Crashpadder homestay host; a Padder.

Step 2: Crashpadders will browse all the rooms until they find one which is just right. They will make a 'booking request'. This means that they enter their credit card details and request the room on a certain date.

Step 3: No money is taken until the host has checked out the guest's profile, reliability rating and checked that they are happy to proceed. When they accept the booking, the card will be charged and the booking confirmed.

N.B. Hosts can either choose for us to take the full payment by credit card, and transfer the money after the guest has left, or they can take cash on arrival. If they choose cash on arrival we will only charge the guest 10% of the booking amount when the booking is accepted.

What's wrong with hotels?

There's nothing wrong with hotels, but just like marmite, hotels aren't for everyone. By booking a homestay through Crashpadder.com you can save money, stay in a comfy place with good facilities and meet some great people while you do.

What does it cost to join?

It's free, and only takes around 60 seconds - or as we like to call it a 'minute'. Click here to join!

Is it safe?

Let's put our sensible hats on for a second. Our advice is be careful. We've done everything we can to make Crashpadder.com a safe and enjoyable community, for example taking credit card payment for spare room stays, which verifies identities of our guests. That said, we're all grown-ups here and as such we know there is always a risk in meeting new people, and you should take all the usual precautions. Check out the profiles of people you might stay with and view the feedback they get. And don't forget to be a good Samaritan and leave feedback for everyone you meet!

Who can be a host on Crashpadder.com?

The good news is almost everyone can become a Crashpadder.com host. The bad news? There isn't any! It doesn't matter whether you rent or own your place, whether you have a spare room, sofa bed, futon or even an airbed in the hallway - you can earn money and meet new people by having a Crashpadder.com guest to stay. All you have to do is make sure you charge a fair price - and we'll do the rest!

How much will it cost me, and how do I get paid?

Listing a room on Crashpadder.com is as free as a proverbial bird.

That's right, it costs you zip and will take only 5 minutes of your life. Then, once it's listed we'll make your spare room available to guests. It's only once people have booked that Crashpadder.com gets a little dollop of moolah, we charge 10% of the total amount the guest pays. 'Show me the money!' - you're thinking. Well we will. We'll pay you directly via Paypal. And bingo bango you're making money out of the spare space in your place.

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Food Coupons Saving Money by Neha Chawla

Dinning out in itself is a unique experience for everyone. Nobody would like to spend their hard earned money at a restaurant where its not worth spending and when there are plethoras of options available to dine out. Fine dining not only requires good food but other things like hygiene, good ambience, good cutlery, cordial and welcoming staff ,presentation of food etc. Dinning is not always casual but people also engage in cultural and formal dining and sometimes to get good business always look out for a good place to impress their clients with good food and environment.

Saving bucks while dinning out can add extra joy to anyone. After so much busy schedule and tiring week one wants to relax and dine out but expensive food at local restaurants can dampen your decision to go out and eat. Dinning out once in a while at your favorite expensive restaurant can be ok but cost factor can put strain on your pocket and shove you to drop your decision of dining out if you have to visit your favorite restaurant frequently. So people are busy looking out for sites or newspapers where they can get some discounts or coupons.

With the increasing trend of online shopping in India, many websites have come up which are providing deals, coupons on food and other things. Restaurant and food coupons are not only attracting more and more number of people but also benefiting restaurant owners in boasting their sales. People are finding these sites very interesting and they are visiting them frequently in order to get a best deal for them so that they dont have to shell out extra money. People are buying deals and vouchers from these websites which are helping them enjoy food at great discounts.

Restaurant coupons and vouchers are becoming very popular these days among people especially youth. The deals like unlimited drinks, discount up to 50- 80% on food and starters, one plus one free are enticing them to buy deals as they able to save huge amount of money. Because of online vouchers and discounts now one dont need to worry about long bills at the end of meal and can enjoy dinning out at posh restaurants. Searching deals site is not a difficult task just needs to be internet savvy.

Apart from deals on restaurants they are also available for spas, health clubs, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories, beauty salons etc. According to a report ecommerce is getting a boast with the spreading of online deals and number of online shoppers has also increased in India. With increase in number of online shoppers in the country more and more number of people are ending up buying deals and coupons hence saving money.

Food lovers in the country are also quiet happy with the emergence of the websites providing hot deals daily. The concept of fresh deal daily is spreading fast among youth and they are checking websites daily so that they dont miss some good deal. Hence it wont be wrong to say that new daily deal is win- win situation for online retailers as well as online shoppers.

April 19 2016


Groton Biosystems launches the In-situ Filter Sampling Probe for Online and Manual extraction of cell-free samples from Bioreactors and Fermentors

BOXBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Groton Biosystems, the leader in automated online bioprocess sampling, has announced the release of a sterilizable, disposable in-situ filter sampling probe for automated and manual extraction of cell-free samples. The rugged design of this product delivers extended service life in typical bioreactor applications and features a nonbinding inert surface which resists clogging throughout the extended process runtimes most often associated with cell culture and perfusion applications. The probe is well suited for applications such as mammalian cell culture, E.coli, yeast, both aerobic and anaerobic cultures, other bacterial fungi, algae, and insect cell cultures.

This new product simplifies the analysis of samples by eliminating filtration or centrifugation while reducing the risk of contamination. said Bill Dinardo, CEO of Groton Biosystems. Cell free samples can be drawn from the vessel using traditional manual sampling techniques or with the Groton Biosystems ARS-M auto sampler. Either way it is a win/win as it improves productivity and reduces risk.

About Groton Biosystems

Groton Biosystems provides bioprocess users a closed-loop solution for sampling from and feeding glass, single-use, and Stainless Steel bioreactors/fermentors. Additionally, our solutions interface seamlessly to existing analytical instruments such as HPLC, Nutrient Monitors and Cell Viability/Cell Density instruments for easy implementation of automation at the lab, pilot or commercial scale.


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Examiner giveaways return with two PlayStation 4 copies of 'The Talos Principle'

Hey folks! It's been a while since we've had any giveaways for you, but we're happy to let you know that we're hosting a The Talos Principle sweepstakes this week where you can win one of two PlayStation 4 copies of the title. As per the usual, most entries can be earned on Facebook or Twitter.

Anyone who visits our Facebook page gets a free entry (just make sure you tell Rafflecopter)! Those of you on Twitter can gain an additional entry by following us and confirming your handle for verification.

After you've done the former of those, Rafflecopter will enable you to enter by tweeting our pre-written tweet on Twitter to your followers. Again, just make sure you input the required information - in this case a link to the tweet - so we can verify that your entries are valid.

You can gain one additional entry by posting on our Facebook wall utilizing the hashtag "#ExGameOnTTP" and another by leaving a comment on this post!

All of your entries are verified over on our Facebook page!

Winners will be contacted soon after the conclusion of the sweepstakes and the results have been confirmed and validated we will announce their names right here on this post.

April 18 2016


What is a Promotional Giveaway?

Popular Promotional Giveaways

Some of the more popular promotional giveaway categories include:

T shirtsPolo (golf) shirtsPensTote BagsMugs, Water Bottles and Drinking CupsCalendarsHatsJackets and sweatshirtsDesk accessoriesMagnetsStickers, bumper stickers and decalsHousehold and auto itemsLanyards and badge holdersButtonsStress ballsElectronic and mobile phone accessoriesPersonal care items (hand sanitizers, nail files, etc.)Food gifts and candy

As lifestyles, attitudes and technology change, so do promotional products. However, basic product categories such as T shirts and mugs continue to generate significant revenues year after year because they fulfill basic human needs.

While some giveaways may be best sellers, they may not be best for all markets and audiences. A thorough analysis of the target market's tastes should be done prior to any giveaway purchase.


One of the challenges of using promotional giveaways, as with all promotional advertising, is that people may receive these gifts and incentives and never buy from the giving organization. This increases marketing and advertising costs without results. Therefore, distribution should be restricted to highest potential audiences only.

In addition to the cost of the actual products, there are also several associated costs that must be accounted for in the marketing budget. These include:

Setup Charges. These are the costs to set up and run the imprinting equipment for an order. Can also include ink or other materials and costs associated with the imprinting process. Watch the following video for further explanation.Shipping and Handling. The larger and heavier the items, the greater the cost of freight to ship the order. In some cases, the freight costs can even be almost as much as the products themselves.Storage. Once received, an organization must find an area in which to store the items until they are to be used. Some items, particularly food and personal care products, may also have expiration dates and storage specifications (such as refrigeration) which must be monitored.

Disclaimer: The author/publisher has used best efforts in preparation of this article. No representations or warranties for its contents, either expressed or implied, are offered or allowed and all parties disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for your particular purpose. The advice, strategies and recommendations presented herein may not be suitable for you, your situation or business. Consult with a professional adviser where and when appropriate. The author/publisher shall not be liable for any loss of profit or any other damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. So by reading and using this information, you accept this risk.

April 17 2016


Avoid These 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Their Sweepstakes and Contests


Travel, electronics, dinners for two... everyone finds it exciting to win something. And as small business owners, we love to create excitement around our products with sweepstakes and contests. But when the excitement is over, do you get the results you expected?

No one wants to launch their sweepstakes to the sound of crickets or to have it derailed by a legal problem, yet these things happen more often than you think. They can be avoided with the right planning, but many small businesses are caught unaware or unprepared.

Don't let that happen to you. Avoid these five mistakes when running your sweepstakes or contest...

1) Goal? Entries are the Goal, Right? Well, Not Exactly

Business owners are often surprised when asked about their goals, but you should have one if you want to measure success. Sure, you want to get entries and increase awareness, but try to go beyond that.

Want to increase referrals from customers? Build a "refer-a-friend" feature into your sweepstakes. Want to grow your email or text subscriber list and potential leads? Collect their email or mobile number and ask for permission to market to them. Setting a goal will help you design a successful campaign.

2) Don't Try to Get the Whole Enchilada with Each Entry

A wedding venue was recently surprised at the low number of entries to their contest, which required shooting a video and filling out a long entry form, which also asked for the wedding date and number of guests. That's a whole lot of hoops to jump through to enter. Yes, a contest is a great opportunity to collect information, we get it. But the more you try to collect, the more people you'll turn away, even if you're offering a free wedding!

Keep the entry form as short and easy as possible instead. Asking for a name, email and/or phone should suffice. You'll have other chances to get information from them later. Also, keep in mind that videos are a high barrier to entry for most small business customers. Remember, your prospects are very busy and will consider if it's worth their time and effort to enter.

3) No Rules = Big Problem

What do you do if the winner didn't respond to your emails stating she won, but then pops up when you try to award an alternate winner and tries to claim the prize? What if the winner doesn't like the prize and wants to return or exchange it? These things can and have happened. And if you don't have rules to point to, you might have a problem that can blow up online.

Don't make the mistake of thinking official rules are only used by big companies. Every business, no matter how small, should use them. Rules spell out who's eligible to enter, how much time a winner has to respond and much more. We recommend using a promotional lawyer to draw up rules that can be recycled, but even rules you create yourself are better than nothing.

4) Limiting Marketing to the Front End Only

We see it all the time... a company launches a contest or sweepstakes, gets a good response, then the end date passes and customers hear... nothing. Who won? Is there a photo of the winner or their entry? Also, entrants provided their contact information, do they ever hear from the company again?

These are all lost opportunities to continue marketing the sweepstakes after it's over. Announce the winner and send out a photo if you have one. Thank everyone for entering. Email or text an offer as a consolation prize. Invite them to follow you on other platforms. You get the idea.

5) Not Making It Mobile Friendly

Nearly two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones. This means visitors are likely to be on their phones when visiting your website, reading your emails or checking your Facebook page. It's a reality you can't ignore.

Long entry forms or forms on websites that aren't mobile friendly will turn off visitors and limit your entries. To capture the mobile crowd, you can offer a text-to-win entry option as well as a web entry form. This will cater to different audiences on different devices, especially Millennials. It'll also help you build a list of text message subscribers, setting you up for marketing in the mobile era.

We hope you follow this advice to avoid common mistakes. It may add a few extra steps to your next sweepstakes or contest, but these steps will lead to greater success for your small business's campaign.

April 14 2016


Google Online Sweepstakes Promotion (a Laughable Scam)

from: mr_francishenson@hotmail.com

to: undisclosed-recipients

date: Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 4:42 PM

subject: Attn:

Attn: Googler,

This E-mail is to inform you that you have emerged a winner of

500, 000.00GBP (Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds) in our

online Give-away 1Oth Anniversary draws. GoogleUK has

successfully organized for the second time a Cash Give-Away

marking 2008 10th Anniversary in the UK. Over 20,000,000.00

(Twenty Million British pounds) is to be given out for this

Anniversary Draws. No purchases of tickets were required.

Participants for the draws were randomly selected from a world

wide range of web searchers who use the Google search engine

(Googler) and other Google ancillary services.

Google is now the biggest search engine worldwide and in an

effort to make sure that it remains the most widely used

search engine, Google is running an e-mail beta test. Your

email address was linked with our Computer Generated Profile

Numbers (CGPN) and attached to the following details: Ticket

number: 00869575733664 / Serial numbers: /BTD/8070447706/06 /

Lucky numbers: 12-12-23-35-40-41(12) / (CGPN) 7-22-71-00-66-12

was picked among our lucky winners to receive ?500, 000.00

British pounds. Winners were selected randomly through a

computer ballot system from worldwide users of the Google

search engine.


Computer Generated Profile Numbers (CGPN):7-22-71-00-66-12

Ticket number: 00869575733664

Serial numbers: / BTD/8070447706/06

Lucky numbers: 12-12-23-35-40-41(12)

To claim your give-away prize, send the following Your full

names................. , sex...............................,

Location............................Alternate e-mail

address..................Your winning details.................

To your processing agent (Mr. Francis Henson) who have been

assigned to handle your winning file and payment processing.

Your Processing Agent contact:

Mr. Francis Henson

Email: francis.henson01@gmail.com

We wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune.

Thank you

for using Google.


Ms. Virginia Squier(promo. Director)

April 11 2016


$100,000 Up for Grabs in Firstar ATM Moneybag Sweepstakes.

Business Editors


Three lucky Firstar ATM customers will have the chance to go home possibly $100,000 richer as part of the bank's "Moneybag Sweepstakes." Each of the three grand prize winners, on Wednesday, January 31, 2001, at 11:00 a.m. will have the chance to select one of 200 moneybags from an armored truck that will be parked in the lobby of the Firstar Tower at 425 Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati.

The three lucky customers are Nancy Ferguson of Oxford, Ohio; Lee Edwards of Maysville, Kentucky; and Nana Addo of Cincinnati. The names of the customers were drawn at random from more than 50,000 customers who entered Firstar's Moneybag Sweepstakes.

As part of the event, each of the three grand prize winners will be blindfolded and given the opportunity to pick from the pile of unmarked moneybags. All of the moneybags will contain numbered envelopes, which will be worth at least a $3,000 savings bond while three of the envelopes will be worth $100,000, $50,000 and $25,000. In addition to participating in the Moneybag Sweepstakes, the three customers will also be treated to a nights stay at the Westin Hotel before the event and a special dinner in their honor at a local restaurant as guests of Firstar Bank.

ATM customers became eligible for Firstar's Moneybag Sweepstakes by filling out official entry forms on the back of Firstar ATM receipts. More than 50,000 customers entered the contest, which included other weekly prizes during the promotion.

Robin Nenninger, senior vice president of alternative delivery forFirstar, commented, "The response to our Moneybag Sweepstakes wasgreat! We are hoping someone goes home $100,000 richer, all because theyused a Firstar ATM. The purpose of the Moneybag Sweepstakes was toreward customers for using our ATMs and what better way to do it thenwith cash. In addition to having a chance to win some money, ATMcustomers also received valuable coupons good at retail locationsthroughout our 13-state region every time they used our ATMs during thetwo month-long contest."

Using the ATMs for non-traditional functions is nothing new to the organization. Firstar's Super ATMs include the following convenient services and products: receive cash; make deposits; make balance inquiries; transfer funds; purchase postage stamps and phone minutes in 15, 30, 60 and 120 increments; change personal identification numbers (PINS); obtain mini- (a customer's last 10 transactions on a specific account) and full-account statements on checking or savings accounts; reorder checks; order copies of checks posted to customer accounts; and make payments on Firstar loans and credit cards.

Firstar Corporation is a financial holding company with approximately $77.6 billion in total assets. Firstar has nearly 1,200 full-service banking offices and more than 2,200 ATM locations in Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona and Florida. Firstar offers a comprehensive line of consumer and commercial banking products and services, personal and commercial trust, investment management, insurance, securities brokerage, mortgage, credit card, cash management, international banking and other financial services. Visit Firstar on the web at www.firstar.com. Firstar was founded in 1853.

April 07 2016


Can you make money with a part time home based fly tying business?

best way to start is to tie the flies that are hard to tie such as a deer hair mouse,,,,,just finding the right distributor is a challenge........I see people walk out of cabelas spending thousands..........

Consider giving some of your flies to the local well respected fishing guide in your area, "ask him ,,hey try these out, and......"

the best way to do the business would be to tie all year........have your inventory ready and then hit the fishing shows, you can sit there most of the day tieing a couple of flies, chatting up the customers .....alot of people want to learn to tie flies, even have bought the mat'ls ,but never have the time.......

take for instance the Suffern Fishing show at Rockland Community College, its on the border near Penn, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, and Mass are not to far away...........there is alot of money in that area, people up from the city and they will drop hundreds.......if you have a quality product it will sell.............people going to the show are not going to buy flies that could be bought at the local kmart....they are looking for a quality product

April 04 2016


Earth Day 2011: Deals, Freebies and Giveaways

To the many ways you can celebrate Earth Day today, here's another you can add to your list: scoring a deal.

In honor of the annual day of environmental awareness, big-box stores, national chains, online shopping sites and more are offering customers ways to save money and win big while going green.

Take a look at several top deals below.

eBay -- Do you have a green wish list? If so, share your top five items with eBay's Green Team and you could win $5,000. Along with your list of Earth-friendly products, include a few sentences explaining why you chose the items. eBay's judges will review the lists and rate them according to creativity, viability and appropriateness. Once the judges announce the finalists, the public will vote on the ultimate winner. More details are available on eBay's Green Team website.

Starbucks -- If you have a reusable mug tucked away somewhere, march it on over to Starbucks. For Earth Day, Starbucks locations across the country (and in Canada) are giving away free cups of hot or cold tea or coffee to customers with their own reusable mugs and tumblers. If you don't have one yet, the company is also selling its own reusable ware for 20 percent off.

Amazon -- In need of a new laptop? Recycle your old one with Gazelle.com before April 30 and receive $50 off select Toshiba laptops on Amazon.com. Head over Gazelle.com and follow the directions. Once the order is processed, Gazelle will email you a promotional code good for $50 off the AMD-powered Toshiba laptops

Origins -- Green your beauty routine with Origins. With a $30 purchase online, Origins customers get a free full-size tube of Origin's limited edition Earth Day cleanser. Or, take an empty bottle of your current face cleanser to an Origins store for recycling and the company will hand you the free cleanser (as long as you fill out this form first).

Disney -- Get your kids in the Earth Day spirit with a trip to the Disney Store. Disney (which is the parent company of ABC News) is giving away reusable green shopping bags to anyone who brings in five plastic shopping bags.

Target -- To recognize Earth month, Target is hosting a "Refresh Your Nest" sweepstakes that wraps up on April 30. Enter the sweepstakes online and win a chance to give your home a $50,000 makeover that's both stylish and sustainable. Even if you don't win the ultimate prize, you still could win one of several fun, eco-friendly prizes, from eco vacations to home energy makeovers to energy-efficient consumer electronics.

Lowe's -- Lowe's home goods store is making it easier than ever to plant a tree for Earth Day. On April 23, the company will be giving away one million trees to the people who walk into their stores.

National Park Service -- Take a hike for Earth Day. Literally. To get people out and enjoying the Earth they're protecting, the National Parks Service has made the country's parks free from April 16 to April 24.

March 30 2016


Free Natrol Nutritional Supplements at Brentwood Kickin' Cancer!(R) Expo, Free and Open to Public, Sept. 21, 7 A.M.-Noon

CHATSWORTH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Natrol, Inc., a premier marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of nationally branded nutritional products, is proud to offer a supplements sweepstakes (details available at the event), and provide samples (while supplies last) for attendees at the Kickin Cancer! Womens Healthcare Expo.


Kickin' Cancer!(R) Expo, a free event, open to the public and race participants, features vendors offering information, merchandise, and free products, including the following nutritional supplement samples from Natrol:

-- Natrol(R) Acai - A powerful rainforest-grown antioxidant with twice the ORAC (oxygen-radical absorbance capacity) value of blueberries;(a)

-- Natrol(R) Carb Intercept(R) - A weight-control supplement with Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer(R) White Kidney Bean Extract;

-- Natrol(R) Easy-C(R) 500mg Time Release - An easy-on-the-stomach "esterified" Vitamin C supplement in a time-release formula that also contains B Vitamins and Zinc for extra immunity support for fall and winter;(a)

-- Natrol(R) Melatonin 3mg Time Release - A natural nightcap that can help consumers fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night; and,(a)

-- Tonalin(R) CLA 1200mg - A patented formula with CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), derived from safflower oil, a clinically tested ingredient that can help increase muscle retention, reduce body fat and prevent regain.(a)


Visitors to Natrol's booth, between 10-11 a.m. at the Expo, can also meet triathlete Steven S. Spitz who will race in the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championship Oct. 11. As part of the Ironman's Janus Charity Challenge, Steven is raising funds for Vitamin Angels, a So. Cal.-based charity that focuses on reducing global child mortality by connecting essential micronutrients, especially Vitamin A, with children under 5. Donations can be made at Natrol's booth.


Sun., Sept. 21st, 7 a.m. - noon


San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood (near Frontrunners stores) HOW:

This event is FREE and open to the public and press.

For more information, interested persons can go to www.KickinCancer.com.

Natrol supplements are available at health food, drug and grocery stores, mass market-retailers, Natrol.com and other online retailers. For more information, interested persons can go to www.Natrol.com, or call 1-800-2-NATROL (1-800-262-8765).

About Natrol Nourishing the Potential of Mind and Body SM

Natrol, Inc., headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited. Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited (BSE: 532739.BO: PLETHICO), an herbal/nutraceutical-focused Indian Company, engages in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceutical and allied healthcare products in India and internationally.

Natrol, Inc. has a portfolio of health and wellness brands representing quality nutritional supplements, functional herbal teas, and sports nutrition products. Established in 1980, Natrols portfolio of brands includes: Natrol, MRI, Prolab, BioSil, Laci Le Beau, Promensil, Trinovin, Nu Hair, and Shen Min. The company also manufactures supplements for its own brands and on behalf of third parties.

Natrol distributes products nationally through more than 54,000 retailers, as well as internationally in over 40 other countries through distribution partners and subsidiaries in the UK and Hong Kong. For more information, call 1-800-2-NATROL (1-800-262-8765) or visit www.Natrol.com.

The trademark Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer is being used under license.

TONALIN CLA is an exclusively licensed product of Cognis Corporation. The use of conjugated linoleic acid as a dietary supplement and/or a food additive is licensed under one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 5,428,072; 5,430,066; 5,554,646; and 6,015,833.

(a) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

March 26 2016


wow are there americans that stupid to think tax increases, illegals, freebees, minorities, and gun bans are good for citizens?

It's not stupid to pay for the things we ask our government to do instead of putting on the backs of future generations.

It's not stupid to have adequate immigration to serve the needs of the economy and to actually grow given that the birthrate mean the country would otherwise shrink - it is only stupid to have the immigration we need and to insure it stays illegal by refusing to fix the problem.

It's not stupid to provide for those in need. In fact, it is a moral imperative of the highest order.

It's not stupid to understand that diversity is stronger than a a lack of it - in every aspect of life, business, and society

It's not stupid to address 30,000 senseless gun deaths every year.

It's stupid to think otherwise. It's monumentally stupid to think otherwise and to double down on such stupid positions as those in your rant in the form of a question.

March 23 2016


Home Business :: Cash Gifting Explained

Modern cash gifting programs have taken the Internet by storm and are very instrumental in helping thousands and thousands of people worldwide to develop sustainable wealth. It is an exciting age that we live in. Harnessing the vast power of the Internet has given the common worker the capacity to touch the world and generate profit margins that he or she would have never been able to do it before. It's no secret that more millionaires are being created today than at any time before in history. Let's examine how safe and secure cash gifting programs can get you on the fast track to making loads of money!

Cash gifting is effective.

There are people every day that begin to see returns on their initial investment within days - some even within hours. The determining factor is you. How hard are you willing to work the proven system? How much of your time and creativity are you willing to dedicate to making your cash gifting dreams come true? Whatever level of success you are aiming for, cash gifting can definitely deliver. The sky is truly the limit here!

Cash gifting is one of the livejasmin credits adder most sound investment opportunities in the world today.

There are very few investment opportunities that can produce the results produced daily by modern cash gifting programs. The largest reason for this fact is that everyone already loves cash. Every man, women, father, mother, son and daughter needs cash and would simply love to have more of it. Cash gifting works so well because you are promoting a commodity that needs no promotion.

You are now the owner of a 100% legitimate home-based business.

Figures do not lie and the figures clearly demonstrate an international shift towards the development of home-based businesses. Everyone is dreaming of being at home with their children as they grow. The world has finally understood that families need to stick together more closely - that the home needs to be the center of familial operations. Cash gifting allows you to operate your business from the comfort and safety of your own home.

With your new cash gifting business, you are in complete control of your own destiny.

You will not allow yourself to continue engaging in the corporate grind. We are all well aware of the scandalous nature of corporate servitude and we are fed up! When you become an online entrepreneur promoting a solid and effective cash gifting program, you are your only boss. You dictate your schedule, duties, tactics, time off and every other element of your business. When you give the energy to produce, the profits generated are 100% yours to keep.

Cash gifting is 100% legal in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe of the majority of the rest of the civilized world.

The Internet gives us the ability to become worldwide business people overnight. You can touch people from distant countries and offer them financial freedom and enhanced lifestyles. With cash gifting, you become a force for healthy change throughout the planet. It feels so good to give to others in need and then receive rewards that grant you your own financial liberation.

Cash gifting programs are the best opportunities for personal and familial advancement on the planet today. Please continue to explore this fantastic business philosophy. There are so many benefits that you will instantly become privy to. You will only wish that you had taken the first step so much sooner.

Cash gifting is changing lives for the better every day all around the planet. Is your life one of them? http://adf.ly/31LGS

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